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Robert Rose’s article about television’s appeal to marketers in a fragmented media environment was published recently by the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

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Take a look at the article HERE. 


GOT RESEARCH? See if you can see the story -line developing here.

1) U.S. Passports are at an all time high and trending higher (Slide) Passport Growth in US

2) Millennials are Changing Travel (Article) HowMillennialsAreChangingTravel-TheAtlantic and slide How Millennias Are Changing Travel Slide

3) Cable is down. Broadcast & Streaming are Up (Article) CableDownBroadcastStreamingUpNYPOST3.14.15

4) Digital Ad Dollars are heading to TV (Article) Digital Ad Dollars headed to TV – NYPost 3.23.15

5) Raw Travel is the #1 Travel Show beating CNN’s Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown (Slide) Raw Travel Vs. Bourdain – Fall 2014

6) Raw Travel Beats Travel Channel, ESPN 2, etc. on Weekends (Slide) Raw Travel Vs. Cable Persons Main Demos Nov 14

7) TV Ratings Overall Are Declining 11-12% Year to Year (Article) Ratings Down Across the Board

8) Raw Travel Year To Year Audience Up up +46% Year to Year (Slide) Raw Travel Y2Y Growth MayS1 To MayS2)

9) Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube Think with Google

10) Your Small Business Can Afford Highly Targeted TV Advertising 

11) Raw Travel Generic Presentation 5.27.15

12) Latest Clearance List

WORD FORMAT: RawTravelClearances Ranked5.26.15DoubleRunsinReddocx

EXCEL FORMAT: Raw Travel clearance 2014-15-GM-Hispanics-AFAm-Asian 5.21.15