Raw Travel Southeast Asia Episodes – Coming May 2015


This past January we traveled to Southeast Asia for the very first time for what can only be described as a mind blowing, life changing adventure.

As we made our way from Thailand, through Laos, to Vietnam and then onward to Manila, Philippines I was in awe of Eastern culture and the zen like and restrained, respectful way in which people carried themselves and treated others.


The extraordinarily beautiful Buddhist temples full of chanting monks at sunset…the incredible, exotic and yes sometimes shocking food.. the traditional and (you know me) non traditional music.. the colors and of course, the people were this traveler’s mecca.

It was at times overwhelming but always fascinating and entertaining. Southeast Asia is affordable, safe and a raw traveler’s dream come true.



One month is not enough to see even one of the countries we visited much less four and much less all that Southeast Asia has to offer.

But it did whet my appetite for more, more, more. If I can brave the 24 hour flight and the ensuing crushing jetlag, you’ll see it on my face when you watch the shows, again then I will. You can bet that I’ll be back and this time making my way through Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and more.


In the meantime, enjoy many more photos from our travels at our FLIKR page HERE. 


and check out the new video teaser trailer, hot off the press. Be looking for full episodes beginning in early May and carrying throughout the summer into the fall of next season.

Hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed shooting them!