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Raw Travel TV, the indie show with a big reach, is heading into our 5th Season (2017-18) when we’ll be producing our 100th Episode.

Currently seen in 168 U.S. cities in over 94% of the USA, and worldwide in dozens of countries from Asia (Nat Geo, Amazon) to Europe (Fox) to Africa (Edan), to the airways (Air Canada, Fin Air, Saudi Air, etc.), Raw Travel’s reach has never been larger.

With this expanded reach comes a big responsibility to tell stories that need telling in honest, genuine and authentic ways.

Our mission has always been to inspire folks to not only travel, but to be inspired to live more fully and empathetically, through the lessons that can be learned by simply traveling.


Family-friendly but with a decidedly honest and unflinching edge, (yes, it’s possible), in episode 405, Raw Travel filmed in Cuba without any Cuban press credentials or registrations (or censorship), in order to show the genuine way that Cubans actually live with Cuba Undercover.

Cuba Undercover

In episode 308, we were the first travel show to ever visit Pine Ridge, South Dakota and showcase a different, more positive perspective for the poorest county in the USA, and illustrate how burgeoning “Tribal Tourism” can help the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation help themselves.

In episode 406, Raw Travel brought attention to the plight of child slaves in Haiti (restaveks) and gave viewers a tangible way to help by raising funds for the U.S. based organization Freedom House, which helps free and care for rescue children in Haiti.

Freedom House in Haiti

In episode 215, Raw Travel showcased the children of rural Laos, struggling with the unexploded bombs left behind after the U.S. & Vietnam War, which continue to kill or maim them today. Again, we turned a negative into a positive by giving viewers a chance to send a child to school for an entire year for just $30.

In Season 5 upcoming, we’ve already raised funds for a desperately poor school in rural Peru which will be featured in our very 1st episode of the season.

Kids In Peru with their brand new school supplies!

The list goes on and on, but we have lots more to do, and I firmly believe our best work is still ahead of us.


Raw Travel (Red) Vs. CNN’s Parts Unknown (Blue)

Yes, producing TV is difficult and producing good TV on an indie-sized budget even more so, but we have a great team of dedicated folks who love what they do.

And little by little, we’ve been able to increase our budgets. This fact, combined with keeping an eye on cutting-edge production tools (thanks to today’s technology), our production values now rival that of TV shows with multiple times the budget. But you know what? Authentic storytelling firmly trumps production values, anyway.

Raw Travel’s U.S Audience Growth


We want to thank our viewers and our affiliates, so in Season 5, we’re embarking on the big, Raw Travel Thank You Giveaway.  We’ll be giving away travel-related merchandise, airfare, hotel stays, vacations, travel gear, etc. from our marketing partners all season long. We’re kicking things off with  big Season Launch event in NYC in mid October where I hope you can join us.  More details coming soon.

Please remember, none of this is possible without your support. One by one, each of our 161 affiliates have taken really good care of an indie-produced, weekend travel show not because they were leveraged into it, but because they wanted to.

As we embark on Season 5 and reach the milestone of our 100th Raw Travel episode, I’ll continue to do my best to make sure this pays off for our affiliates.

On behalf of all of us at Raw Travel, and most especially, the loyal Raw Travel viewers… Merci! Gracias! Thank You!