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Start Spreading The Word – Raw Travel NYC is Coming!

Anyone who has lived or even traveled to the Big Apple probably knows that slow walking, camera toting tourists mixed in with fast- walking-with-urgent-purpose New Yorkers is a toxic mix.

Then why, oh why do the tourists & locals alike end up mashing together at the very same, very crowded very touristy overpriced spots…. Times Square, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.

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PLEASE STOP IT NOW! I’m not screaming, I just live here but I didn’t always, and I want you to not do what I did when I visited. Don’t take a taxi everywhere or think that if you leave the “safety” of mid to lower Manhattan you’ll get mugged instantly or figure the subway is just too complicated.

Raw Travel is out to change what it means to be a tourist in NYC. We’re asking for locals, yes you…. be you transplant like me or native, to show our good friends, our visitors some Northern Hospitality by showing them a REAL New York City experience.


Where do YOU take your friends and relatives when they visit? How do you help your guests get beyond the money sucking, tourist traps this city is full of?   Is Chinatown worth visiting? Is there any authenticity there? Where in Brooklyn would be good to go? Or Queens? Or, gasp! Staten Island or da’ Bronx? Nothing is off limits guys and there is no idea too strange.

Look, we don’t want to be different just for the sake of being different but we do want to show NYC visitors a unique and different way to be a traveler, not a tourist. We want visitors to feel a little what it’s like to be a local for a few days and find out why so many people risk and sacrifice so much just to live here.


Food, Culture, Music, Authentic Neighborhoods, Giving Back… we want to include it.

Send us your ideas and maybe you and /or your idea will be featured on Raw Travel TV. But do it soon. We begin taping next month and plan to have a rough agenda mapped out in a couple of weeks. Oh and be sure and read the legal stuff below, before you send anything.

Alright.. I feel the cobwebs starting to clear… and spring time slowly but surely is heading this way. Let’s make this the most unique & kick butt travel episode ever produced about New York City. It’s your time to share some of that pent up knowledge of secret finds, cool spots, etc. So what are you gonna do? Keep it selfishly to yourself? or help us help these poor lost souls clogging up Times Square at this very moment.

Spread the word.. and don’t Fuggedaboutit now!


If you are considering submitting a story, show idea, or any written or recorded works, please read below:

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