Eastern Europe

This Shirt Saves Lives

Empathy Equals Strength T-Shirt Helps Ukrainian Refugees

Each Empathy = Strength Shirt Helps Ukrainian Refugees.

Order the Empathy = Strength T-shirt that Rob wears on the show and $10 of every order will go to support and their sister organization of “Keep The Kids Learning.”

Just $30 monthly pays the salary for one teacher to teach refugee children and keep them learning and maintaining their social structures.

Your “Empathy = Strength” T-shirt will literally save lives.

Order your shirt HERE or other Raw Travel Merch to help Ukraine HERE


Empathy = Strength Bumper Stickers Just $5 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST – We have a limited supply of “Empathy = Strength” bumper stickers.

We’re selling them directly for $5 and ALL of the $ goes to Keep The Kids Learning / (we’re covering cost of production and mailing). Remember that $5 goes a long ways with these guys. Six bumper stickers = one teacher’s salary for a month.

Since we’re selling directly, the process is a bit different.

You can Paypal $5 at the QR Code Below

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or donate $5 to our Go Fund Me Account

Then, please emails us your complete mailing address (to ensure you receive your bumper sticker) at or DM us on our Social Media Pages @RawTravelTV. We only have 100, and once they’re gone they’re gone.

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