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Raw Travel Featured on Good Day St. Louis

My heart is always pounding hard in my chest when I make an appearance on live TV. I don’t know why it’s so different when I know the cameras are recording my images live as opposed to airing weeks or months later, as is the case on Raw Travel TV.

That said, the friendly folks at Good Day St. Louis on our affiliate KMOV CBS 4 put me at ease and despite my joking about the drivers in St. Louis (they are a little aggressive and I’ve driven in many parts of the world!), the people in St. Louis have always been super friendly, hospitable and polite when I’ve visited.

Thanks for a wonderful time guys.

Here is a video of the interview if you want to see it and while I hate to disappoint, no, I did not pass out from fright… this time. Click HERE to view.






Raw Travel Western Road Trip – Press Tour

Raw Travel’s Western Road Trip resulted in a plethora of press and interviews, articles and appearances on a variety of local morning and news shows.

Here is a small sample of what went down.




Screenshot (776) Denver KDVR Fox 31 Show
Raw Travel Featured on KDVR Fox 31 Denver












See the video HERE


Screenshot (787)
Raw Travel Feature in the Albuquerque Journal















Albuquerque, Journal Article 



ABC 4 Utah
ABC 4 Utah Interview in Salt Lake City



K2TV News in Casper Talks to Raw Travel
K2TV News in Casper, Wyoming Talks to Raw Travel for their Evening Newscast
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Raw Travel Interview – Try This Dish Radio

We were recently featured on “Try This Dish Radio” with our new pal Sean from Dallas Texas.

Sean saw the show on KXAS – NBC 4 in Dallas, dug it and asked me to be the very first guest of his “Try This Dish” radio show which can be heard online and in several cities in Washington State.



I was and am honored for the privilege.

Now anyone that has been watching Raw Travel or knows me very well, knows that I’m a horrible cook. Well Sean’s website and show are perfect as they are kind of a cooking for dummies kind of thing.

If you are like me, or better yet, even if you are not, you may want to check out Sean’s website Black Chef Web TV  or twitter feed and maybe pick up some cooking tips or a recipe for a dish or two.

Sean and I shared some good conversation about the wonders of Filipino food (they put cheese in ice cream) and our upcoming Foodtastic Philippines episode that kicks off our 3rd Season next October.

We chatted about more than food though, so if you’d like to give the show a listen, here is a LINK to the interview… enjoy!

Thanks for the love Sean & Try This Dish Radio.





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Raw Travel Vietnam Featured on “Right This Minute” TV

The syndicated TV show, “Right This Minute” caught up with us while in Vietnam to see how the trip was going. Here is the video. Enjoy!


Video of Robert on Wake Up San Diego!

I almost, but did not signed off with, “Stay classy San Diego!”… Oh well, maybe next time! Enjoy.

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– Successful 1st Season Leads to Big Growth Spurt for Syndication’s Only Authentic Travel Show

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 2nd, 2014AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV) announced today that their latest production “Raw Travel®” is cleared for a 2nd season of syndication this fall. The show’s 2nd season will debut via broadcast stations in over 100 markets nationwide, representing over 90 million homes and over 80% of the U.S. homes this coming October.

In addition to several mid-season additions in Season 1, Raw Travel added 30 new markets for its record setting 2nd Season, including Cleveland (NBC), San Diego (CW), Richmond (ABC), Baltimore (My), Grand Rapids (Fox), Memphis (ABC/CW), New Orleans (ABC), Little Rock (Fox / CW), Albany (CBS/CW), to name a few. Additionally, Raw Travel upgraded stations and time periods in key markets including Top 10 markets Philadelphia (My) & Houston (NBC). The additional markets represent a growth spurt of over 40% from the series’ debut last fall.

Raw Travel is an adventure travel & lifestyle series showcasing the wave of socially and environmentally aware, independent travel. The series weaves together themes of eco-tourism, volun-tourism (giving back) with underground music and authentic culture in a way unique to television.

The show’s first (and current) season saw Raw Travel pulling audience increases in major demographics in key markets across the country. Particularly impressive was the show’s wide appeal in both male & female demographics and its ability to attract younger viewers to broadcast TV while maintaining and often growing older demographic lead-ins. Raw Travel also ranked #1 or #2 in key time-slots in several markets consistently.

“Our hunch was this show would work simply because it’s very different than what viewers can get on either cable or broadcast but it blew away our expectations. With 113 million U.S. passports in circulation and growing, travel has ceased to be a niche. It’s mainstream, wildly popular and growing, plus its way under-served,” says Executive Producer and Host, Robert G. Rose. “I think Raw Travel proves that good, unique 1st run, weekend programming can help broadcasters salvage sagging weekend numbers and give them a point of differentiation, especially as viewers continue to cut cable’s chord.” Rose continues.

For Raw Travel’s second season, the show has spread its wings and begun production in parts of Eastern Europe and North America with plans to travel to Southeast Asia and to return to Latin America, which proved popular with viewers in Season 1. The show’s “authentic” theme, along with the message that “almost anyone can afford this type of travel,” stands out from the usual high end, luxury “fantasy travel” or the glut of gimmicky, “reality” formats showcased on cable or primetime television.

The website features more information about the series and the shortcut of showcases a short 2014-15 trailer. Interested outlets may view distribution information at or contact AIM TV Group’s Vice President of Content & Partnerships, Jon Krobot.