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Houston – It’s a Wrap!


First time filming in Houston, Texas and what an AMAZING experience. Visiting Houston is like visiting several destinations in one swoop.

Like the state where it resides, Texas, Houston is BIG. Massive actually. It’s literally the size of a small state.

But what many may not know is that it’s also very diverse.

We ate a scrumptious Viet-Cajun feast, got outfitted in a custom cowboy hat & boots, participated in a ancient Chinese calligraphy and a tea ceremony in Chinatown and I learned to dance to Zydeco music with the “Queen of Zydeco” at a cajun honky tonk all while taking in some of the quirkiest art scenes I’ve ever experienced and eating some of the most amazing internationally influenced cuisine I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

It was unusually cold (my lips are still chapped), but the people were so warm and hospitable I didn’t feel the chill.

Thank you Houston, for your hospitality and for your kindness and yes for your diversity and quirkiness.

Be big…be Houston…but please don’t ever change, ’cause I love ya just the way you are!

Here is a clip from my appearance  on KPRC – NBC 2’s “Houston Life” . Enjoy!


Public Relations

Raw Travel Interview – Try This Dish Radio

We were recently featured on “Try This Dish Radio” with our new pal Sean from Dallas Texas.

Sean saw the show on KXAS – NBC 4 in Dallas, dug it and asked me to be the very first guest of his “Try This Dish” radio show which can be heard online and in several cities in Washington State.



I was and am honored for the privilege.

Now anyone that has been watching Raw Travel or knows me very well, knows that I’m a horrible cook. Well Sean’s website and show are perfect as they are kind of a cooking for dummies kind of thing.

If you are like me, or better yet, even if you are not, you may want to check out Sean’s website Black Chef Web TV  or twitter feed and maybe pick up some cooking tips or a recipe for a dish or two.

Sean and I shared some good conversation about the wonders of Filipino food (they put cheese in ice cream) and our upcoming Foodtastic Philippines episode that kicks off our 3rd Season next October.

We chatted about more than food though, so if you’d like to give the show a listen, here is a LINK to the interview… enjoy!

Thanks for the love Sean & Try This Dish Radio.